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FilzFelt is an industry leader in sustainable acoustic products that feature 100% Wool Design Felt, offered in over ninety colours. Collaborating with talented designers worldwide, FilzFelt combines high-performing materials and craftsmanship to create architectural products that are both highly customizable and sustainable.


The company’s mill has a long heritage of producing high-quality felt using processes that have been preserved for centuries. Their 100% Wool Design Felt is durable, versatile, and timeless and is featured on our architectural and acoustic product lines including ceiling, floor, wall, and desktop products. Their approach to designing with felt is simple: they defer to the material.

Together with their sister company, Spinneybeck, they work to transform natural and renewable materials into acoustic and textural solutions for interior and architectural applications.


FilzFelt is the leader in well-designed acoustic materials and products to provide sound absorption and cut down on echo. Our panels and coverings will improve the acoustic experience of work and hospitality environments, while making a bold statement or acting as a subtle backdrop.

The company also provides a variety of custom solutions ranging from the modification of standard products to full bespoke services. Their capabilities include custom colours, cutting (shapes and sizes), stitching, and lamination—as well as full fabrication and installation. Whatever the design or acoustic dilemma, they have a solution for it.

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